Examples of My Pronouns

They went to the park.

I went with them.

They brought their frisbee.

At least I think it was theirs.

They threw the frisbee to themself.

Credit: pronoun.is/they/.../themself

Notes on Gender

I’m “non-binary” — neither male nor female. If you want to get more specific, I’d call myself an androgyne (androgynous person). Referring to me as an “enby” (derived from “N.B.”, the initialism of “non-binary”) is absolutely fine, but please be aware that some folks find the term infantilizing and don’t like it used for them.

I prefer not to use a title, though “Mx.” (pronounced “MUKS”) is acceptable where one is required.

The Nonbinary Wiki has a fairly extensive page covering gender neutral language in English which may be of interest.